About Living Wholly

Jenny Emblom, the Founder, was diagnosed with a 'borderline' ovarian tumor in 2012 at the age of 33. With ovarian cancer in her lineage, the doctors began to get concerned about the direction this was going. This defining moment changed her life 180º. The concept emerged after she healed herself through a raw/vegan, mindful and holistic lifestyle.  Shortly after returning to Venice, she created the Living Wholly events with the intention of staying inspired and on track with her health while cultivating community and soaking up the wisdom that surrounds us in the wellness world. From there, Living Wholly was born.

Living Wholly is a platform that supports Women and Men on the path to radiant health – inside + out. These people are seeking guidance in a world of information overload. We curate unique, live events that offer the element of human connection and experiential learning. Our online platform provides virtual content featuring Experts in health + wellness offering our audience an introduction to these leaders as they seek greater levels of support on the journey. We also, offer a curated shop full of consciously sourced brands to integrate into their lifestyle. 

  • The Living Wholly experience provides individuals with inspiring live + virtual events that integrate experts in the areas of health, wellness + all things conscious. The guests connect with like-minded people while experiencing an accessible + uplifting social gathering. Engaging speakers share thought provoking content that invites awareness on a specific topic offering an elevated state of consciousness. Our events are always held at exquisite locations and thoughtfully curated. Living Wholly creates a divine experience that explores what it means to connect socially, attune inwardly and walk away feeling inspired. 
  • We offer a thoughtfully edited e-commerce collection including organic, biodynamic + unique lifestyle brands to support people with health and wellness.
  • Our Experts Collective is a curated group of experts that have decades of experience. We trust and vet them 100%. These women are at the top of their field and specialize in unique areas for healing and the evolution of consciousness. Each of them can deeply support you on the path of optimum health. We invite you to take a look around and see what resonates for you.



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