Blends with Benefits: Grill

In crafting our seasonings, we consider both great flavor and the functional benefits of herbs and spices to turn all your food, into superfood.

Your new BBQ must have, Grill is also a delicious all around blend, delivering a robust mix of spice and herb flavors to anything and everything. It tailors to the grill because the flavor formulation is built for optimal post-meal digestion of grill meat proteins and protection from the grilling process. Also delicious in any soup, The Countertop Bowl kitcheri, and on roasted vegetables,  Grill’s ingredients pull double duty, like rosemary, a savory aromatic and antiviral that protects against carcinogenic compounds like HCAs, and oregano, one of the most powerful anti-bacterial spices on earth.  

Grill contains no sugar or additives that caramelize your meat, but trust us, shower that T-Bone and add some salt and pepper and you will NOT be disappointed!

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