What does Attune mean?

February 17, 2020

Attune: To tune in to the Self. To get quiet and listen. To slow down and allow the layers within your humanness + your soul to align and integrate. To meet yourself and call forward your connection within and with the Divine co-creating the most magnificent, miraculous and expansive journey of awakening.

This word, and the meanings behind it, have resonated with me for many many years. As I’ve pondered the term attune, I realized that my ten bodies (we all have these!) and the chakra centers are an instrument that require dedicated time and attention to tune and play. So like a musician, I am committed to not only becoming a master of my instrument, but also keeping it regularly attuned in service to experiencing greater harmony + purpose in my life.

When I asked Guru Singh, at a recent Kundalini yoga teacher training, what attune means to him, he replied, “Tuning your instrument to the Cosmos, allowing them to support you.” It was such a thoughtful yet simple answer and one that resonates for me in many ways. I love how he took the word a step beyond the instrument, acknowledging how opening ourselves, aligning and allowing the expansion - this heightens our attunement. This is such a reminder of the importance of daily practice.

Last week after teacher training, I woke up feeling really clear and open. I slept soundly for ten hours and was mentally refreshed, physically nourished, spiritually awake, and free of inflammation, anxiety and fear. I felt expansive and open to all possibilities. And then I received really good news, miracles were flowing into my inbox and in my life. A few significant details for our upcoming four-day event called “Attune” suddenly started falling into place – challenges appeared less sticky, and connection and serendipity seemed inevitable. I was open to these miracles, and it the pieces were coming through. For me, this is the bi product of attunement.

As I continue to explore the landscape of this word, I’ve begun to examine how I intentionally bring attunement into my life – the practices that make “my music” harmonious.

One might ask, how does one Attune? Well, we’ve put together a short list for you to explore and try what resonates for you.

Physical Attunement

  • Hiking, yoga, Pilates… sweating + getting into your body. This all allows my body to release toxins and blockages in service to grace and alignment throughout my entire being.
  • Moving through nature has profoundly supported me in tuning in and discovering what needs adjusting. Every time I hike I have a new experience and feel supported in new ways. This time in nature not only enhances my physical strength and activates my senses, but supports my other realms of attunement by helping me quiet mental chatter, and making me more receptive to messages from the Divine.
  • Pure, nourishing food is  another crucial tool for my physical attuning, ensuring my body receives the essence of healing and vibrancy. The food I eat matters – I’ve learned to slow down and tune in when making a decision about it. As I slow down, I’m better equipped to listen to my intuition and notice how a particular food will make me feel. Slowing down helps me answer the questions, “What foods will leave me feeling clear and nourished?” And, “What will support me in feeling light and grounded at the same time? What food will detoxify and how will my body digest this food?”


Mental Attunement

  • The meditation, singing and silence that are woven into my morning sadhana are like magical elixirs for my mental attunement, helping to clear away stagnation, promote centering and create space for clarity and creativity.
  • Because attunement is intrinsically linked with our inner experiences, I regularly ask myself the following questions before, during and after meditation, staying open and curious and when, where and how the answers might arrive. “Where do I want to channel more of my focus? How can I serve today? Show me next steps to experience the life I envisioned for myself?”
  • Taking time to learn about the inner workings of my blocks, then shoring up the courage to clear them, has been one of the most potent practices that serves my attunement.
  • Surrender – it’s been such a huge aspect of my learning to attune. As I practice surrender, and do the work of letting go of expectations and trusting that things will unfold as they should, I feel aligned inwardly and outwardly.

Spiritual Attunement

  • Prayer – asking the Divine specific questions, and requesting specific guidance – has made me feel deeply supported on this wild adventure.
  • Meditation. Sitting in the silence. Listening. As they say "Prayer is talking to the Divine. Meditation is listening to it."
  • When I feel spiritually lethargic, I like to shake things up, and open myself to fresh inspiration and vitality, getting into Nature, going to an inspiring event to connect with others + elevate my consciousness, or taking a trip.

Experiencing the power of attunement has made me realize that whatever it is that supports us in attuning has to be a priority. Whether it’s a hike, meditation, writing, singing, connecting with a friend, or anything else - it has to happen every day. Even if it’s just 5 minutes, do it. This level of commitment makes our instrument come alive and proves to our mind, body and soul that we’re open to growth and transformation – that we’re ready to discover who we really are and begin doing the work that we came here to do.

By doing this – by aligning with our true selves and our greatest potential -  we’re able to meet our true Self. From there, anything is possible and life becomes much more graceful and the miracles bless you.

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Keep tuning in daily, center within yourself and allow the clarity to come.

with great love,


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