Interview with Ashley Turner on Net Worth

Interview with Ashley Turner on Net Worth

June 18, 2018

Our net worth is inextricably linked to our self worth, which is one of the biggest blocks many of us experience when it comes to financial abundance. We know we want more money in the bank, more acknowledgement of our gifts, and more time to engage in activities that align with the deepest desires of our heart, but how do we get there? Ashley Turner has thoroughly explored the interconnectedness of our net worth and self worth and found that the most profound enhancements in our financial and whole-being abundance come from shifts in our habits, and shifts in many layers of the unconscious mind. Through her journey, she’s discovered how to help people move out of the scarcity mentality and into the life they truly desire.

Ashley Turner is a yoga + meditation teacher, licensed marriage and family therapist, facilitator, writer and priestess. She is the Founder of Yoga Psyche. Soul. – an Advanced Yoga Psychology Training for yoga teachers, therapists and students; Co-Founder of Urban Priestess – a year-long Mystery School to empower women, creator of 10 best-selling yoga DVDs and co-author of Aroma Yoga.

Ashley is known for her charisma, and unique ability to turn complex topics into accessible, real-life tools. She is a sought after presenter at international events and conferences and contributor to top tier media publications and podcasts including Self, Shape, Mantra, Origin, Women’s Health, Yoga Journal and Natural Health. We had the opportunity to interview her and learn more about how she’s inspiring people to live their full potential and feel confident in their finances. Read on.

Interview with Ashley Turner.

Living Wholly: In your words, how are you serving the world and contributing your gifts?

Ashley Turner: I’m here to help people build emotional intelligence, mental health, and access their fullest capacity – physically, mentally, and spiritually. A big part of my work is helping people to identify and integrate their shadow side, awaken their true nature and self, and be more present. I support them in becoming more connected to every moment and appreciating the gift of this life.

Living Wholly: What are strategies you have used to identify + uproot the beliefs, behaviors & habits that have held you back?

Ashley Turner: A strategy I use is consistently being in a conversation with myself so I can notice my thought patterns and notice what’s holding me back. From there, I’m able to move from judgment to understanding, and uproot core negative beliefs. I do this through a combination of depth psychology, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and deep self-inquiry.

Living Wholly: Have you always felt confident in your finances, or was that a learned process?

Ashley Turner: No, absolutely not. Only in the last few years have I really started to tackle the financial realm. The financial realm for me has been a last frontier, in regards to my work on myself. And, only in the last few years have I felt confident in my understanding of how to generate more income, run a team, and be an entrepreneur.

The biggest thing I’ve noticed is that for us to expand in the outer world we have to do the inner work – nothing changes unless something changes. And what needs to change is our inner dialogue and habits. If we don’t actually change our habits, nothing is going to shift in our outer world. So, I’m really passionate about being proactive and taking action.

Living Wholly: In your experience, what is one of the biggest blocks people have in regards to their financial success?

Ashley Turner: A lot of people have a scarcity mentality - there’s a real tendency towards this mentality in the wellness and artistic communities. One thing that can really help is getting in touch with and truly knowing your worth, and knowing that the gifts you put into the world deserve to be valued and received. This value can come in the form of money.

So, putting systems in place that will support the strength of your financial health is a big first step. We know that we have to engage in self-care habits like working out or brushing our teeth every day, but most of us don’t spend enough time paying attention to our finances, often thinking it will just figure itself out.

We all need to spend the time to understand our money. For example, we need to understand our budget, the interest rates on our credit cards, or how much working capital we need to run our business or our household. Knowledge is power.

Living Wholly: You inspire others to live their potential. Do you feel this is an important component in people feeling abundant, secure and happy with their income?

Ashley Turner: For myself, I used to always have a nagging self-doubt and the thing that reconciled that was me tackling my financial house. Because of that process I can now say I have a solid income, I have money in the bank, I know what’s coming in, and I know what’s going out. Tackling my finances helped to breed a deeper sense of confidence in me.

It’s empowering to know our money and know that we have enough. And it’s not just about our financial bottom line but about our sense of worth – our value – and being able to relate to the world with a mentality of abundance. So, love instead of fear and be open to receiving the overflowing abundance of mother nature.

Living Wholly: Have you found that self-criticism can hold people back from their full financial potential?

Ashley Turner: I used to have a lot of shame around of money. For a long time I carried a lot of credit card debt and I was spending more than I was making - it took me a long time to shift that.

One thing that helps is learning how to live within your means, and another is learning how to generate more income. In the process of that it’s important to not shame ourselves – shame is one of the most toxic emotions and it’s reiterated by society in many ways as it often sets us up to think that we always need to be buying something new to feel like we’re good enough.

Until we learn to get to the root of and tackle self-criticism, we get stuck in this constant battle of not feeling good enough – and we often try to fill that void with material belongings. But, when we can reconcile our relationship with money and nurture our self-worth, we begin to feel more content with what is and automatically start to shift into a healthy money mindset. Instead of focusing on lack, we’re focusing on positivity and the abundance of what we already have.

Living Wholly: What are three tools for increasing one’s self worth?

Ashley Turner: #1 - Invest in yourself through self-care. Think about the practices that put you in right relationship with yourself and start your day with at least one of those practices. Maybe it’s meditation, yoga, breath work, a walk outside, or a trip to the gym. What activates your mind, body, and heart? Do that. When we consistently show up for ourselves in this way we build self-trust, which in turn builds self-confidence.

#2 – Build your support system. Seek out the people that can help you become more skilled in your career. Maybe that means taking another training course, or hiring a business coach, therapist, or mentor – whoever it is that can help you get there, and hold you accountable. Any kind of work is about solving problems and there are people who have done it before that you can learn from.

#3 – Practice appreciation. So much of the time we focus on what’s not working - what’s not perfect - and we lose sight of how much we are doing and how much growth we’re experiencing. I often notice this in myself when I gloss over big wins instead of acknowledging and appreciating them. One good way to bring in more appreciation is to, before bed, write down 10 things you appreciate about the day you had, or 10 great things you did. This enhances positive self-talk.

Living Wholly: What is a daily practice that supports you with attunement, personally and professionally?

Ashley Turner: Meditation, so I can align with my center and spiritual intent, and exercising. I typically don’t start my workday until 11am so I have time to get up and do my morning routine – meditation and going to the gym, or a yoga class. Then, I can come back and start my day in a much more focused and available way.

Living Wholly: What teachers have you worked with and/or currently work with to inspire and support your evolution in consciousness?

Ashley Turner: One of my greatest yoga teachers is Ram Dass, my greatest teacher in psychology was Mona Miller, and I go to a psychotherapist every week. In addition, my business strategist has really taught me how to run a business – and I’m still learning.

My greatest teachers are also my partners in life: my lover, my family, and my friends. I’m blessed to be in a community of teachers and therapists - we’re always in a dialogue about consciousness, waking up, doing our shadow work, and owning our shit. We help each other be more content with what is.

Living Wholly: What does living wholly mean to you?

Ashley Turner: I love the name Living Wholly because we want to make sure that we’re addressing all different facets of who we are. Self-worth and abundance is not just about the financial bottom line but about spending quality time with your family and self, and doing things for the sheer joy and pleasure of it. It’s about living your life holistically and regularly creating time to cultivate your relationships, career, emotional intelligence, and more.

In yoga we talk about the five layers of self – the physical, energetic, mental, emotional, and spiritual. So we want to make sure we’re addressing all of those layers each day and living a really well rounded life that includes time for play and pleasure. To me, that’s what living wholly is.

Living Wholly: How can people learn more about you, and work with you?

Ashley Turner: You can visit and

Because the relationship between our net worth and self worth deeply impacts our daily lives, it’s an important connection to observe and evolve. We are featuring Ashley Turner this Wednesday, June 20 at 9.00 am pst on our Virtual Speaker Series LIVE via Zoom. Ashley will elaborate on how to "Embody your True Worth to Increase your Net Worth". Register here to confirm your spot and receive the pre-worksheet to receive the most value from this virtual workshop. We look forward to seeing you on the Zoom.

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