It’s all too easy to forget about the heart + soul of business. Many of us get hung up on the nuts and bolts and lose sight of the bigger picture – we get disconnected from our deeper intention and the essence of what we are creating. But, Heidi Stevens, Business + Mindset Coach, helps entrepreneurs reconnect with the soul of business, and learn how to blend strategy with spirituality.

Heidi has an invaluable gift for taking entrepreneurs on a journey where they discover spiritual alignment and business savvy strategies. This journey helps entrepreneurs shift their business mindset, overcome obstacles, build powerful teams, and attract abundance in all areas of life. We were fortunate to interview Heidi and dive deeper into the magic that lays at the intersection of spirituality and strategy, and how to use both to create the life you most desire.

Interview with Heidi Stevens:

Living Wholly: In your words, how are you serving the world and contributing your gifts?

Heidi Stevens: I’ve always had a knack for business and have been driven to have a successful business. It’s something that’s always come fairly easily to me, and I wanted to help other women build successful businesses, make money, and be empowered. I also help them do this in a way that’s in alignment with who they are. This work is like a dream come true for me.

Living Wholly: What inspired you to start coaching Creative Women Entrepreneurs?

Heidi Stevens: My background is in real estate, so working with creative women entrepreneurs might seem like an odd niche, but what I’ve found is that creative women need my support. These women are so good at what they do, whether they’re stylists, architects, artists, etc. but they often lack a thriving business mindset. So, they need my support and are very open to my holistic approach, specifically around spirituality and shifting that business mindset.

Living Wholly: What is the intention with your recently launched podcast, The Soul of Business?

Heidi Stevens: The podcast is a way for me to share my message, support my community, and grow my audience. I have so much to say and while I love Facebook live, and other mediums like it, a podcast feels like something that everyone is on. It’s a great way for me to get out more of the content I have to offer.


Living Wholly: What teachers have you worked with and/or currently work with to inspire and support your evolution in consciousness?

Heidi Stevens: I’ve been a lifelong learner and have had so many healers, gurus, teachers, mentors, etc. You name it, I’ve done it. My husband used to joke that I had Team Heidi as I’ve had so many people who have supported me in different ways. But, over the years, as I’ve gotten healthier and more in tune with my decisions, I don’t necessarily need Team Heidi anymore.

Although I no longer have Team Heidi, I’m still constantly working with teachers and mentors and specifically seek out people that have a spiritual, personal development mindset background. That’s not always easy to find but I’m dedicated to seeking them out and working with them.

I’ve learned that every relationship is different and that I can’t expect everything from one person. Because of this I invest in a few different people, depending on what I'm needing at any given time. For example, I’m currently in two different mastermind groups. I feel like a relationship with a mentor is very unique and personal and its all about finding the person that best resonates with you.

Living Wholly: In your experience, what is one of the most common reasons that women feel disempowered in business?

Heidi Stevens: At the core, it’s a lack of self-worth and self-confidence. We’re in a time where everything is possible, but it hasn’t been that long that we’ve been encouraged to be entrepreneurs. If our mothers worked, they often worked in the corporate world and weren’t starting their own businesses.

So for many of us, we don’t have anyone showing us the way - we don’t have a roadmap. It can be easy to get stuck in the way things were, and minimize our sense of self-worth by wondering if what we have to say and share really matters, and if we can charge people for that. I think that because [the current landscape of business] is all fairly new we have to be willing to write our own stories and rules - that takes a lot of courage and strength, and can be scary.


Living Wholly: What are three of the biggest blocks people commonly have when birthing a business, and your thoughts on how to work through them?

  • A lack of self worth and self-confidence. A great way to move past this block is to surround yourself with people that believe in what you’re doing and will support and encourage you along the way. Set yourself up for success by the people you surround yourself with.
  • Don’t try and do everything yourself. If you want to start a business it’s going to take some outsourcing and investing in support. It takes a lot to learn how to manage all the moving parts of a new business, which is why every new business requires some start up capital to use for this professional support.
  • Don’t treat your business like a hobby. If you’re only working on your new business on the side, your mindset isn’t going to be 100% dedicated to its success. You need to be dedicated.

Living Wholly: What is one key practice that women can implement to shift their money mindset?

Heidi Stevens: Get clear on what you desire and where you want to go. Answer the questions, “What is the money that I want to make? What is the vibration that I want to feel? Where is the home that I want to live in? Etc.”

Then, spend as much time as possible in that energy field. Ask yourself, “How would I feel if this was already done?” and feel that in every cell of your body. This starts to shift your mind into what’s possible and new ideas for how to make money start to come in because you’re living in a different vibration.


Living Wholly: What are tips for tapping into the energy of receiving?

Heidi Stevens: Everything starts with an intention. So, set an intention of learning to receive and of receiving more often. Receiving is a very feminine, intuitive, and spiritual place to be in, so the more you start to open yourself to the things that you love and the things that make you feel good, and spend more time in your feminine, you enhance your receiving energy.

You should also visualize the things you want coming to you with ease, and be willing to take the action that will get you there.

Living Wholly: What is one recommendation for those wanting to break through limiting beliefs in regards to their business?

Heidi Stevens: When it comes to limiting beliefs half of the process of overcoming them is having the awareness of what they are. We’re often unclear on the content of our limiting beliefs because we’re always pushing them down. Instead, allow these limiting thoughts to come forward and recognize them - let them have a voice and start developing a loving relationship with them. Love on those parts of yourself so they can begin to heal.

Living Wholly: What is a daily practice that supports you with coming back to your center, personally and professionally?

Heidi Stevens: I have four-year-old and a one-month-old so I give myself full permission to not have any set practice that I do every day! That being said, I have a toolbox that I can pull from at any given time. If I find myself feeling off center, I have to remind myself to pull out that toolbox. Then, its up to me to figure out which tool I need to use at any given point, instead of trying to use every single one of them, every day.

My list of tools includes things like exercise, being in nature, mediation, visualization, a bath, journaling, writing affirmations, reading, and spending time with my husband. All these things fill my tank.


Living Wholly: What does living wholly mean to you?

Heidi Stevens: To me, living wholly means living with intention. It’s about bringing awareness to what you’re doing. It’s not about living a perfect life or always being balanced, but making a conscious choice about how you want to live your life.

So, for example, if you’re in a season of being really motivated and inspired and are wanting to put in 70-80 hours per week to get something off the ground, then awesome. But, if you’re in a season of being completely burnt out and need to take a day or a week to unplug, that’s also great. It’s about being in touch with what you need and owning it. Just do you and own it.

Living Wholly: How can people learn more about your offerings, and work with you?

Heidi Stevens: Visit, or connect with me on Instagram at @HeidiStevensInc and on Facebook at @HeidiStevensInc

If you would like to learn more about the magic that occurs when business strategy meets spirituality, and transform your business mindset, tune in to our live call with Heidi Stevens on Monday, August 20, 6.00 pm pst on our "Virtual Speaker Series" LIVE via Zoom. With support from Heidi, we can open our world to an inspiring new realm of possibilities.

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with gratitude,

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I recently made a commitment. I committed to taking off numerous days at a time, during my vacation to the southeast coast, to unplug, connect with my daughter + family, and practice the much-coveted skill of being in the present moment. And then, I promptly broke that commitment.

As an entrepreneur, I’m responsible for keeping the momentum going for numerous manifestations of ideas, visions + intentions, and fully unplugging for more than 24-hours just wasn’t happening. But, the desire was still there – the desire to let myself be on vacation, in the truest sense of the word. One that seems to be a rarity for most entrepreneurs.

So, as I write this enjoying the summer, I am playing around with the fine art of balance - the fine art of honoring both my personal and familial needs, and the needs of my business. And it isn’t easy, y’all – but it’s worth it.

One of my biggest breakthroughs during this journey into vacationing (real vacationing!) is realizing that it’s not “all or nothing.” I can commit to shorter bouts of time to fully be in the present moment, to hang with my daughter, to play in the ocean – even if it’s just for four hours. I can do that.

And that’s a truth for so many of us, isn’t it? No matter how much we want to drift off into a blissful work-free zone for days at a time, there are often some essential to-dos that just won’t go away – they must be seen and honored. But, in between those essential to-dos you can totally give yourself permission to turn off your phone for a few hours, say yes to an afternoon at the spa, or go for a drive with no destination. As Anne Lamott says so truthfully "Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes including you." Personally, I need more than a few minutes but sometimes even that pause to get quiet is exactly what we all need at the very least.

We deserve these mini-vacations - we need them - especially as summer prepares to fade into fall. And, these mini-vacations can range from a few minutes sipping chilled tea and sitting in nature, to exploring a new land over a long weekend. Don’t let this fun and liberating season of summer pass you by without actually experiencing fun and liberation. Here are a few ideas to inspire you...

Sitting in silence. It’s often tricky to switch from work-mode to play-mode, and vice versa. To support these transitions, sit in silence for a few minutes and visualize your mind shifting into the space that is best aligned with your next endeavor. It supports me to chant a mantra which allows the mind to quiet. Mine is Sat Nam. Another great mantra is So Hum. Repeat a mantra that resonates for you over and over and experience the thoughts dissolving.

Breathing in essential oils. Essential oils are like magical wands that can tap you with rejuvenation, inspiration, creativity, physical relief, passion, and so much more. Make a “magical toolkit” by purchasing your favorite essential oils. Then, when you’re in need of whatever it is that a certain oil promotes, put a drop or two on your pulse points, or in an essential oil diffuser, close your eyes, and allow the scent to transport you to where you need to go. I often use the Radiance Alchemy Activated Roll on Essential Oil Fragrance and it never fails to balance my emotions and fortify peace in my body.

Watching a candle. I often find that one of the surest ways to awaken awareness and connection to my soul is by lighting a candle and simply watching the flame. This has become an especially transformative ritual since I started using the clean + lovely Pure Plant Home candles. They are deeply healing + medicinal while applying this highly meditative process.


Treating yourself to a picnic. Take advantage of the fresh foods, warm air, and vibrant foliage of the summer by packing up an assortment of delicious treats and heading to your favorite nook in nature – even if that’s a rooftop garden in the city! Invite a few loved ones, or use this as an opportunity to take yourself on a date.

Cooling down with iced tea. Heat often ignites the fire within, and my my has it been hot this summer. So, to cool off all your layers, brew some tea, let it cool for half an hour, mix with ice, and sit back to enjoy. Naked Sage Tea (especially the Tulsi Ginger Om blend) is my go-to when I’m craving some cooling and divine ingredients.

Getting away for a few nights. Kick your vacation-mode up a notch by selecting a somewhat-nearby destination you’d love to explore, and going there. Even if you just have two nights to get away, a change in scenery can open your mind to fresh ideas, your heart to deeper wells of love, and your body to the blissful feels that accompany relaxation and exploration.


I recently saw a holistic doctor that reminded me that these types of choices – choices that allow us to honor our need for self-care – take us into the feminine. Awakening our feminine, whether we’re male or female, makes it easier to unplug and enjoy the true essence of summer vacation because it allows us to live from our heart, awakens our creativity and offers the ideal space to receive grace, healing, and a lovely sense of flow.

I’m feeling a tingle of knowingness that allowing myself to take these mini-vacations while I’m on my big vacation, and fully embracing my feminine energy, will prevent me from returning home feeling like I need another vacation. Can anyone relate or desire to give this a try with me?

with permission + love,

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When I dove deep on my health journey in 2012 - 2013, I became acutely aware of the products + ingredients I was putting on my body daily. With the skin being the largest organ, the truth is that our skin absorbs everything we put onto it and it goes directly into the bloodstream. Through the Optimum Health Institute, I was educated + learned how significantly this effects my health + wellbeing. The result: total shock. As the old saying goes "Ignorance is Bliss". Well, I find myself saying that often. Once you know information, there is no turning back. The facts are facts. My intention is to thrive and live at radiant health - inside + out. In order to achieve that deep desire, choosing products consciously is key. Since my health journey began, my shopping includes looking at ingredients more closely and tuning into my intuition more often. I have to say, it is quite a rich and rewarding experience as I often discover artisanal creations and learn about makers that are so deeply committed to supporting us on this journey of optimum health. It is quite the gift. Am I perfect with the products I use? Of course, not. Although I am someone who is highly conscious about my health, I am constantly seeking inspiration and meeting people that take it to the next level. Meet Tina Rocca, Founder of Pure Plant Home. We met years ago and she continues to remind me, educate me and fully wake me up to the toxins that sneak their way in through seemingly harmless products.

Tina Rocca is not just a wellspring of knowledge for the ingredients we do and do not want to put on our skin, but has done a total immersion into the ingredients we’re breathing in, specifically through candles. Her answer to the endless brands touting “clean, natural, and pure” candles that are actually dripping with toxins, was to create her own products – an extraordinary + medicinal line of candles that are truly clean, and fill our homes with heavenly, therapeutic scents. We had the honor of chatting with Tina to discover how we can all live a healthier, more vibrant life by making simple shifts in the products we use.

Living Wholly: In your words, tell us about Pure Plant Home.

Tina Rocca: One of the most important aspects of Pure Plant Home is that I make my own wax using coconut oil - the same oil you can buy at the store and eat. I don’t buy my wax from a wax manufacturer because I don’t know what’s in it. Often, wax that manufactures claim is “coconut wax” only has a small percentage of coconut in it. So, I decided to make my own formulas. I’ve been an aroma therapist for 25 years and I do it all myself to ensure I know what’s in the products. Because of this, my customers trust me, knowing that I only offer high quality and natural products.

Living Wholly: What inspires you every day to get up and do your work?

Tina Rocca: My children. We all have sensitive skin and my daughter had asthma, which I cured through getting her on good health and exercise programs – and not using fragrance. My kids have never used any products that use fake fragrances.

Living Wholly: Tell us about your experience with ingredients and how you are educated on this topic.

Tina Rocca: I have my Bachelors degree in Kinesiology from California State University, Northridge and I have my Masters degree in Exercise Science. So, I've always been very involved in health and fitness. I’ve been involved in the candle and essential oil industry for over 25 years and used to give my custom-made essential oil blends to my clients, who always asked to buy more.

From there, I started my first candle company, which I sold when I decided to stay home for a few years when my children were young. During this time, I developed a bath and body line, which included candles made out of coconut wax. These products led to the founding of Pure Plant Home.

Living Wholly: What is the difference between fake fragrance and essential oils?

Tina Rocca: Essential oils are concentrates of plants. They’re extracted from the aromatic parts of raw plant material such as flowers, leaves, wood, bark, roots, seeds, or citrus rind, through steam distillation. They’re live materials that have phytohormones, in addition to anti-viral, antiseptic, and other really good qualities.

Fake fragrance, on the other hand, is synthetic because it’s made in a lab. It’s created to mimic the smell of a rose, for example. It’s just a copy – it’s not real and has no medicinal value. These synthetic fragrances are made with hundreds of chemicals and are often petro-chemically based, which isn’t healthy. And, these fragrances are not regulated.

There was a bill passed a long time ago that says that the term “fragrance” can be used on a label without the company having to specify what that fragrance is composed of, because it’s a “trade secret.” Plus, there are so many things in the fragrance they don’t have room on the label to divulge what’s actually in it.

Living Wholly: What is the difference between essential oils and plant extracts?

Plant extracts are an infusion of plant matter and water, or plant matter and oil. To make plant extract you take the plant matter and steep it in water or oil for a couple of weeks. Essential oils are more concentrated. So, plant extract has no medicinal or therapeutic value, but it’s better than a fake fragrance because it isn’t composed of a bunch of harsh chemicals.  

Living Wholly: What should we avoid when trying to buy healthier products?

Tina Rocca: Always avoid products with petrochemicals, anything with the term “fragrance” in the ingredients, and products that contain aluminum.

Living Wholly: What is really in the average candle?

Tina Rocca: Most candles that say they’re made with soy wax are usually a combination of soy, palm, and paraffin. The better a candle burns, the more additives it has in it. Numerous candle manufactures put chemicals in their wax to make it last longer, and put fake coloring in to enhance the color. Many of the most expensive candles have the worst chemicals in them, including synthetic fragrances.

Something else that candle manufacturers often use in their products is something called “sludge” that comes from China. [Sludge is a by-product of petroleum.]

Living Wholly: How can a person create a more wellness centered, healthy lifestyle?

Tina Rocca: Pay attention to the ingredients you use on a daily basis. Look at things like deodorant and body lotion. These are both products that are slathered on your largest organ [your skin] many times a day and enter your body through your pores. You have to check out what’s in the products that you’re using and switch them out for healthier alternatives. You want to make sure the products that you’re using are non-toxic, and free of petrochemicals and synthetic fragrances.

Another product to pay attention to is lipstick. You can ingest a significant amount of lead through lipstick – if you apply lipstick throughout the day you’re getting about 20% of the daily amount of lead that’s considered safe. It’s important to look for a mineral based lipstick that doesn’t have FD&C colors, or fragrant ingredients.

In addition, perfume, laundry detergent, diapers, and other products that often contain fragrances should be swapped out for fragrant-free options.   

Living Wholly: What are three simple tips for healthy, holistic living?

Tina Rocca: Eat well, rest, and exercise. But, if you’re doing these things and still feel like you’re lagging, that’s a sign that you have some toxins in your body – toxins that are preventing your from experiencing optimal health.

Pay attention to what goes in your body, what goes on your body, how you move your body, and the thoughts you have going through your mind - the narrative you have with your inner voice make a big difference. These things are all imperative to living a healthier, longer life.

Tina’s expertise has inspired me to take my time when investigating the ingredients in the products I use, and put my money where my health is by only purchasing products that truly honor the wellbeing of their clients, by only using ingredients that enhance, instead of hinder, their vitality.

Click here to explore the incredible line of Pure Plant Home candles. Enjoy lighting a candle even more knowing you are promoting healing with these divine ingredients! 

in radiant health,


*This interview has been edited and condensed.

As of late, I’ve become keenly aware of my raw, exquisite and fiery humanness. It seems like decades that I’ve been exploring who I am – all parts of me - and steadily accepting all of this human. During my morning practice recently, I began thinking about my need for approval, especially from my parents, and began to cry – very big tears, weeping and wails. It was intense + powerful. And, instead of judging this need for approval, and reprimanding my inner child for still yearning for that nod of approval from my parents, I allowed myself to settle into acceptance - acceptance for who am I, right here, right now. In that moment, I realized there were parts of me that I haven't fully accepted within myself. Those were pieces that I've disconnected with because of a very deep + open wound that was buried upon layers and layers of holding it together, hardening and protection to feel safe and comfortable. As a witness, I saw myself and honored Her very lovingly detached from the story. I also, saw her sadness and the heart wrenching need for belonging. After I allowed the tears to flow and the crying to prevail, there was an opening and an abyss of loving that emerged for this journey and how much it has shaped me and taught me every step of the way. There was profound gratitude for this moment and the awakening to myself and how extraordinary I am when I reclaim and accept all of me. My great teachers Drs. Mary and Ron Hulnick taught me that "Outer reality is a reflection of inner reality". When I let that sink in, it is my acceptance of Self that I've been seeking this entire lifetime and possibly many more.  

During this sadhana, I also considered the perfection of each human – the perfection in our flaws, our gifts, our history, and our humanity. This pondering led me to a potent sense of assurance that it’s not only okay but also, necessary for me to show up as the person that I am. Because, when we stifle our perfectly imperfect selves, that’s a significant loss for humanity. As Guru Singh says, “It is a disservice to humanity if you don’t show up as you in the world. There is one blue print of you and you were called to this Earth for a very specific reason.”

And, when I resist certain aspects of myself that I would like to let go, I’ve found that they persist, becoming stagnant and stuck inside of me yearning to be set free. But, when I can love and acknowledge all of my whole self (even the parts I’d rather not look at) I return home. I return to that space where I feel aligned and trust that everything is unfolding as it is meant to.

To support myself in this process, I’ve found the following practices to be helpful:

Staying committed to my daily Sadhana. I can’t say it enough – I have to get up and do my daily sadhana! This is the early part of the day when my intention is to call forward my connection with the Divine. I tune in, go inward and I am held instantly. This is my giant reset button that supports every facet of my life and helps me find my way back to solid ground when things can seemingly get shaken up. It’s a must, and writing about it here helps me commit to the practice.

Walking. When I am out of balance, taking a short walk outside helps me balance the hemispheres in my brain, giving everything I do after that more clarity and inspiration.

Tuning into kindness and compassion. This is a big one. When I tap into that place in my heart that holds limitless love for myself, I can freely share that with others. I perceive the world with greater joy and am able to contribute in a more meaningful way.  

Free writing. Sometimes, I just need to pull the thoughts out of my mind and get them on to paper. Free writing – writing without censorship – allows me to “clean out” my subconscious with fluidity and zero judgment.

Setting intentions. Something that always supports me in receiving pleasure and expansion in my experiences is setting intentions. Intentions are everything for me. I’m especially feeling the truth in this as I prepare for my time with my parents. So, I’ve been asking myself, “How do I want to show up on this trip?” “What is the vibration that I want to emanate?” and “How do I want to be remembered?” The answer that keeps coming to me is that I want to courageous be me – the real me – in every interaction.

Creating spaciousness. I’m a chronic “over-booker” – packing my days with too much. I’m stepping away from that. I’m going to allow myself to work less, slow down more, and say yes to actually savoring each moment (not just saying that I’m going to savor them!) As they say, slow and steady wins the race. One is actually more productive when they move slower versus faster.

Listening to the song “I Am What I Am.” The song “I Am What I Am,” by the musical duo + dear friends Aykanna, never fails to resonate with me and remind me that I am allowed to fully love and accept the current version of myself. And yes, I strive for self-improvement, personal evolution and growth, AND as I move through that journey I can choose to adore the essence of who I am which is pure divinity.

Beyond helping me come home to my whole Self, these practices help me take back my power back from limiting beliefs, feel what’s present in each moment, and truly live wholly as I embody as Woman, Mama, Wife, Daughter, Friend, and Human in this world.

I want to leave you with a passage that inspired this post last Thursday on the New Moon. When I read this, it resonated on a cellular level, gave me full body chills and brought tears of acceptance to my eyes. Yes, that kind of inspiration and affirmation that gives you the nod to keep going, you know the ones. I check in with the wise + radiant @MysticMamma via Instagram for astrological and cosmic downloads often. I highly recommend that you check her out.

“Feelings that have been dormant in the underworld of our psyches, are returning to us like waves rising toward the shore. The past is knocking on our door, not because it has come back to haunt us, but because it has come back to heal us. These are the imprints that we would rather forget as we continue to move rapidly into our future.

The reclaiming of our past is our soul’s retrieval of power. It’s the reconnaissance of all our orphaned parts back into ourselves, back into who we are now. And who we are now is precisely because of the past we have lived, not in spite of it. As individuals and as a culture, we need to make amends with where we’ve been. This Cancer New Moon reminds us that with a compassionate heart, we can face and embrace all that has been and all that we are, and free ourselves from that which has had its hold on us. Thus opening the way for us to truly move forward.”

~Mystic Mamma

As we journey alongside each other, I invite you to come home to yourself. This planet needs you to be you, the one that was sent here on a mission from the Divine. What is your assignment and are you committed to completing it? I am a hell yes. I am cheering you on all the way.

With a deep bow and boundless love,

All photography by Jessi Casprowitz

The idea of discipline used to trigger rebellion in me. And quite honestly, still does from time to time in various areas of my life. Much of this rebellion stemmed from growing up in a strict household, where discipline (at least in the traditional sense of the word) was paramount. This rebellion continued until one day, I allowed myself to perceive the idea of discipline in a fresh light. Instead of viewing discipline as something that created rigidity and limits I learned to view it as a guiding light that led to growth and expansion.

I was able to deeply dive deeper into my relationship to discipline this past week when I went on a retreat in Ojai. At the retreat, our wise teacher, Sukhdev Jackson, described discipline as “being a disciple to one’s truth.” For me, that was a wow. It landed. For the first time in awhile, I thought to myself, if that’s what discipline means, I can commit to that.

Because Kundalini yoga and Mantra were the focus of the retreat, the first opportunity I had to practice discipline was in recommitting to my sadhana - a daily spiritual practice. When I’ve committed to the discipline of sadhana in the past, my world expanded, extraordinary alignment occurred, and my life seemed to accelerate at such a significant pace it would sometimes cause me to give up the discipline of sadhana because it felt overwhelming. And honestly, getting up super early to practice the sadhana was hard, and I wanted to sleep in! But now, I’m ready. I’m ready to re-commit to this transformative type of discipline that helps me flow into a space of peace, Divine Grace, and infinite possibility.

As I immerse into my sadhana practice, I’ve been feeling the truth in the saying “there is nothing more powerful than a woman’s prayer" by Yogi Bhajan. Sadhana initiates my daily prayer that has the power to liberate me and others from perceived limitations, and the draining forces of anxiety and doubt. I feel awakened after this practice. And, as my inner world is transformed by sadhana my outer world shifts, revealing jewels I didn’t even know I was looking for.

Another way discipline is showing up in my life is through making the choice to give up wine/alcohol – at least for now. When I partake in this once festive + social experience, I feel cloudy and less connected to the Divine. I’m ready for ultimate clarity + I feel called more than ever to take ownership for my path. This is going to be a day-by-day practice in discipline, and to fortify this commitment I’m going to draw on a tool I use when doing a cleanse, which is setting an intention around the commitment. My intention is that by stepping away from alcohol, I will fully align with my highest Self and able to own my wisdom, my gifts and the truth of who I really am.

When I reach that “witching hour” (usually sometime between 6pm and 8pm especially with a small child), when I’m really feeling the pull to pour a glass, I’m going to return to my intention and my power allowing it to energize my discipline. Part of my intention is also going to include acknowledging the emotions that arise and allowing myself to feel the feelings that I often mask with that glass of wine. Because, when I mask the unpleasant emotions, I’m often masking the joyful ones as well. It is simply the way that it works.

I’m going to allow myself to experience it all in service to intimately connecting with myself, loving myself and receiving feedback from the divine. From this clear place, I will be guided in how to show up and fully express my gifts. I know this from exquisite past experience. The 'veil lifts' and the richness of the journey accelerates. Now is the time.

According to Yogi Bhajan, there are five things we need to do each day to support the path of awakening + evolving the soul.

  1. Pray.
  2. Meditate.
  3. Sweat.
  4. Eat a good diet.
  5. Develop a relationship to the neutral mind.

All of these are generally in my day to day. However, to embody all of them daily from a deeply intentional and devoted heart, feels quite timely for me.

I’m also, really feeling the importance of this work as we move into eclipse season – a time when life can be shaken up in unexpected and challenging ways. Discipline to engage in the practices above creates a clean channel for me as I move through this transformative time period. If I’m not in my power during this time, I could totally get knocked down. If I’m not in my power - if I’m not fully aware and connected, with my eyes wide open - I might feel like a victim, instead of a vessel for life’s victories.

That being said, if you haven't registered already, join us for the "Virtual Speaker Series" TONIGHT, Wednesday, July 11 at 6 pm pst featuring Danielle Beinstein. The topic is "Navigating Eclipse Season". She will elaborate upon the three upcoming eclipses, how to harness the energy, and tools for transformation. Eclipse season is real. Join us to move through it with grace. Confirm your spot here. 

May we all experience an intimate connection with discipline as it supports us on this magnificent journey!

with love,

“A person can hope all she likes to become a light, but at some point she has to step forward and be a light." -Robert Holden

As Psychological Astrologist, Danielle Beinstein says, “Eclipses can be wild cards.” During eclipse season we can easily be thrown for a loop as eclipses often reveal the areas in our life that require change, even if it’s change we’re not expecting or fully prepared for. Eclipses shake us up and cause us to shed that which needs to be released. But what exactly is eclipse season? Eclipse season is one of the two periods throughout a year when eclipses can occur, because of the orbital leaning of the Moon. It’s a time of enigmas, unheavels, and transformations.

Because this season of change can feel overwhelming and mysterious, Danielle will support us in navigating this astronomical phenomenon while elaborating upon the upcoming eclipses on July 13, July 27 and August 11, how to harness the energy, and tools for transformation. Eclipse season is real, which is why we were honored to interview Danielle and dive deeper into her wisdom.

Interview with Danielle Beinstein.

Living Wholly: What most inspires you about the human condition?

Danielle Beinstein: The complexity of it. The nuances and the depth. And the varying ways it expresses itself. I have always been a voracious reader and I’ve always loved film, television, songwriting and the visual arts because of this very thing. Art breaks down the walls that society erects, and the navigation of that continues to inspire and fascinate me.


Living Wholly: What do you believe is the common thread amongst all humans?

Danielle Beinstein: The need to be loved.


Living Wholly: In your words, how are you serving the world and contributing your gifts?

Danielle Beinstein: Big question! By and large, I’m doing and contributing in a way that’s in alignment with my core wiring. I’ve always had a strong aptitude for writing and speaking and for synthesizing information. And I’ve always been psychologically astute. So I found a way to bring all of that together.

Living Wholly: What guided you to becoming a Psychological Astrologist?

Danielle Beinstein: Destiny. I still can’t wrap my head around it. I started studying astrology when I was 19 but I never ever thought I’d be doing it for a living. It unfolded organically, after I completed my MA in Spiritual Psychology. I followed the path laid out before me and got out of my own way.

Living Wholly: Please describe your work and how you relate to your clients?

Danielle Beinstein: Every session is unique to the client’s needs. With first time clients, I begin by analyzing and explaining their natal chart, which is a snapshot of the sky the moment they were born. From there, we explore how the client is or isn’t harnessing the energy available to them. That allows us to then do an even deeper dive, healing old traumas and limiting beliefs to create space for healthier, more proactive expressions of their talents, gifts and unique destiny.

Living Wholly: With eclipse season around the corner, why do you find it supportive for people to learn about the cosmic alignment?

Danielle Beinstein: Eclipses can be wild cards. It’s a good reminder that our egos are not in charge and that the Universe has a plan for us. It also reminds us to pay attention and not to prejudge any information that we receive. Eclipses unfold like dominoes.

Living Wholly: Can you share one personal experience that you’ve had with an eclipse and how harnessing this energy supported you to surrender more fully?

Danielle Beinstein: Bed bugs. During the eclipse of October 2014, I got bed bugs and had to get rid of almost all my belongings. That eclipse, which was in my 4th house of home, forced me to surrender completely and to let go of outdated attachments and expectations. That was the same month that I launched my business. At that moment, I felt I had nothing left to lose.

Living Wholly: Why do events around the eclipses seem fated?

Danielle Beinstein: Because eclipses are tied to the North and South nodes, which reveal where our souls come from and where they’re going.

Living Wholly: What is a daily practice that supports you with attunement, personally and professionally?

Danielle Beinstein: Prayer.

Living Wholly: What does living wholly mean to you?

Danielle Beinstein: Living wholly means living outside of the box and tuning in to my intuition. It means accepting the wholeness of life, the peaks and valleys and both my personal light and shadow.

Living Wholly: How can people learn more about you, and work with you?

Join us as we learn how to welcome and navigate the uncertainty and mystical beauty of eclipse season by tuning in to our live call with Danielle Beinstein on Wednesday, July 11 6.00 pm pst on our "Virtual Speaker Series" LIVE via Zoom. With support from Danielle, we can move through eclipse season with grace. Register here to confirm your complimentary spot and receive the pre-worksheet to receive the most value from this virtual workshop. We look forward to seeing you on the Zoom.

We want to supplement our skincare products with profound nourishment. This is why we were so thrilled to discover Zatik Naturals, a body care and wellness line that represents a delicate synthesis of deep bodily nutrition and total luxury vibes. 

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Our net worth is inextricably linked to our self worth, which is one of the biggest blocks many of us experience when it comes to financial abundance. We know we want more money in the bank, more acknowledgement of our gifts, and more time to engage in activities that align with the deepest desires of our heart, but how do we get there? Ashley Turner has thoroughly explored the interconnectedness of our net worth and self worth and found that the most profound enhancements in our financial and whole-being abundance come from shifts in our habits, and shifts in many layers of the unconscious mind. Through her journey, she’s discovered how to help people move out of the scarcity mentality and into the life they truly desire.

Ashley Turner is a yoga + meditation teacher, licensed marriage and family therapist, facilitator, writer and priestess. She is the Founder of Yoga Psyche. Soul. – an Advanced Yoga Psychology Training for yoga teachers, therapists and students; Co-Founder of Urban Priestess – a year-long Mystery School to empower women, creator of 10 best-selling yoga DVDs and co-author of Aroma Yoga.

Ashley is known for her charisma, and unique ability to turn complex topics into accessible, real-life tools. She is a sought after presenter at international events and conferences and contributor to top tier media publications and podcasts including Self, Shape, Mantra, Origin, Women’s Health, Yoga Journal and Natural Health. We had the opportunity to interview her and learn more about how she’s inspiring people to live their full potential and feel confident in their finances. Read on.

Interview with Ashley Turner.

Living Wholly: In your words, how are you serving the world and contributing your gifts?

Ashley Turner: I’m here to help people build emotional intelligence, mental health, and access their fullest capacity – physically, mentally, and spiritually. A big part of my work is helping people to identify and integrate their shadow side, awaken their true nature and self, and be more present. I support them in becoming more connected to every moment and appreciating the gift of this life.

Living Wholly: What are strategies you have used to identify + uproot the beliefs, behaviors & habits that have held you back?

Ashley Turner: A strategy I use is consistently being in a conversation with myself so I can notice my thought patterns and notice what’s holding me back. From there, I’m able to move from judgment to understanding, and uproot core negative beliefs. I do this through a combination of depth psychology, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and deep self-inquiry.

Living Wholly: Have you always felt confident in your finances, or was that a learned process?

Ashley Turner: No, absolutely not. Only in the last few years have I really started to tackle the financial realm. The financial realm for me has been a last frontier, in regards to my work on myself. And, only in the last few years have I felt confident in my understanding of how to generate more income, run a team, and be an entrepreneur.

The biggest thing I’ve noticed is that for us to expand in the outer world we have to do the inner work – nothing changes unless something changes. And what needs to change is our inner dialogue and habits. If we don’t actually change our habits, nothing is going to shift in our outer world. So, I’m really passionate about being proactive and taking action.

Living Wholly: In your experience, what is one of the biggest blocks people have in regards to their financial success?

Ashley Turner: A lot of people have a scarcity mentality - there’s a real tendency towards this mentality in the wellness and artistic communities. One thing that can really help is getting in touch with and truly knowing your worth, and knowing that the gifts you put into the world deserve to be valued and received. This value can come in the form of money.

So, putting systems in place that will support the strength of your financial health is a big first step. We know that we have to engage in self-care habits like working out or brushing our teeth every day, but most of us don’t spend enough time paying attention to our finances, often thinking it will just figure itself out.

We all need to spend the time to understand our money. For example, we need to understand our budget, the interest rates on our credit cards, or how much working capital we need to run our business or our household. Knowledge is power.

Living Wholly: You inspire others to live their potential. Do you feel this is an important component in people feeling abundant, secure and happy with their income?

Ashley Turner: For myself, I used to always have a nagging self-doubt and the thing that reconciled that was me tackling my financial house. Because of that process I can now say I have a solid income, I have money in the bank, I know what’s coming in, and I know what’s going out. Tackling my finances helped to breed a deeper sense of confidence in me.

It’s empowering to know our money and know that we have enough. And it’s not just about our financial bottom line but about our sense of worth – our value – and being able to relate to the world with a mentality of abundance. So, love instead of fear and be open to receiving the overflowing abundance of mother nature.

Living Wholly: Have you found that self-criticism can hold people back from their full financial potential?

Ashley Turner: I used to have a lot of shame around of money. For a long time I carried a lot of credit card debt and I was spending more than I was making - it took me a long time to shift that.

One thing that helps is learning how to live within your means, and another is learning how to generate more income. In the process of that it’s important to not shame ourselves – shame is one of the most toxic emotions and it’s reiterated by society in many ways as it often sets us up to think that we always need to be buying something new to feel like we’re good enough.

Until we learn to get to the root of and tackle self-criticism, we get stuck in this constant battle of not feeling good enough – and we often try to fill that void with material belongings. But, when we can reconcile our relationship with money and nurture our self-worth, we begin to feel more content with what is and automatically start to shift into a healthy money mindset. Instead of focusing on lack, we’re focusing on positivity and the abundance of what we already have.

Living Wholly: What are three tools for increasing one’s self worth?

Ashley Turner: #1 - Invest in yourself through self-care. Think about the practices that put you in right relationship with yourself and start your day with at least one of those practices. Maybe it’s meditation, yoga, breath work, a walk outside, or a trip to the gym. What activates your mind, body, and heart? Do that. When we consistently show up for ourselves in this way we build self-trust, which in turn builds self-confidence.

#2 – Build your support system. Seek out the people that can help you become more skilled in your career. Maybe that means taking another training course, or hiring a business coach, therapist, or mentor – whoever it is that can help you get there, and hold you accountable. Any kind of work is about solving problems and there are people who have done it before that you can learn from.

#3 – Practice appreciation. So much of the time we focus on what’s not working - what’s not perfect - and we lose sight of how much we are doing and how much growth we’re experiencing. I often notice this in myself when I gloss over big wins instead of acknowledging and appreciating them. One good way to bring in more appreciation is to, before bed, write down 10 things you appreciate about the day you had, or 10 great things you did. This enhances positive self-talk.

Living Wholly: What is a daily practice that supports you with attunement, personally and professionally?

Ashley Turner: Meditation, so I can align with my center and spiritual intent, and exercising. I typically don’t start my workday until 11am so I have time to get up and do my morning routine – meditation and going to the gym, or a yoga class. Then, I can come back and start my day in a much more focused and available way.

Living Wholly: What teachers have you worked with and/or currently work with to inspire and support your evolution in consciousness?

Ashley Turner: One of my greatest yoga teachers is Ram Dass, my greatest teacher in psychology was Mona Miller, and I go to a psychotherapist every week. In addition, my business strategist has really taught me how to run a business – and I’m still learning.

My greatest teachers are also my partners in life: my lover, my family, and my friends. I’m blessed to be in a community of teachers and therapists - we’re always in a dialogue about consciousness, waking up, doing our shadow work, and owning our shit. We help each other be more content with what is.

Living Wholly: What does living wholly mean to you?

Ashley Turner: I love the name Living Wholly because we want to make sure that we’re addressing all different facets of who we are. Self-worth and abundance is not just about the financial bottom line but about spending quality time with your family and self, and doing things for the sheer joy and pleasure of it. It’s about living your life holistically and regularly creating time to cultivate your relationships, career, emotional intelligence, and more.

In yoga we talk about the five layers of self – the physical, energetic, mental, emotional, and spiritual. So we want to make sure we’re addressing all of those layers each day and living a really well rounded life that includes time for play and pleasure. To me, that’s what living wholly is.

Living Wholly: How can people learn more about you, and work with you?

Ashley Turner: You can visit and

Because the relationship between our net worth and self worth deeply impacts our daily lives, it’s an important connection to observe and evolve. We are featuring Ashley Turner this Wednesday, June 20 at 9.00 am pst on our Virtual Speaker Series LIVE via Zoom. Ashley will elaborate on how to "Embody your True Worth to Increase your Net Worth". Register here to confirm your spot and receive the pre-worksheet to receive the most value from this virtual workshop. We look forward to seeing you on the Zoom.

with love,

Confession: Before our Virtual Speaker Series call with Dana James, I was struggling with my self-worth, especially in regards to my work and financial abundance. And while having a vibrant self-worth is certainly an ongoing journey, and not a destination, my self-worth profoundly woke up during the call.

One major ah-ha for me was that I realized how I was masking my true nature - my true Self - with the persona I believed would make me more accepted and valuable. Here’s what I mean: when I took the archetype quiz on Dana James' website (which you can take here it was clear that I am an “Ethereal”. In Dana’s words, an Ethereal is, “Feminine, intuitive, expressive and enchanting. You appear to float through life. Your intuition is your guiding compass. You believe in the harmony of the universe and conflict is very distressing for you.” I deeply resonate with that. Dana pointed out that very often, Ethereals tend to mask with another archetype that feels more acceptable. For me, that is without a doubt, the Wonder Woman archetype. I consistently push myself to accomplish more and more while trying to constantly come across as super “on top of it”, resilient, and able to bring to fruition everything I envision and set my mind to. The truth is that we are dynamic beings. We are not one archetype. We are all of them. The journey is integrating all of them and more fully experiencing yourself along the way. So of course, I have the Wonder Woman inside of me, we all do. While I value these traits and authentically have some Wonder Woman woven through me, it was masking my true nature, and as a result my self-worth was suffering.

8 years ago, I decided to honor the Ethereal inside of me and to own who I am even more. I said yes when I left my corporate job and founded Living Wholly. My family of origin, who feel most comfortable with a “9 to 5, six figure salary, good insurance and 401k” type of job, didn’t understand my decision, and I often questioned myself. I had to take a major leap of faith to continue on the path that intuitively felt right, but totally freaked me out. Each day I had to take another step in reclaiming who I really am, underneath my lifelong conditioning.

The call with Dana served as another big step – a step towards giving myself permission to say, “It’s okay to be me,” and realizing that the more I embody that sentiment the more valuable I can be at large. Because, the gifts that I have - the gifts that we all have – can only make a difference if we express them - that’s how we can contribute to the world.

And, this reclamation is a practice. It requires me to keep showing up, doing my inner + outer work, listening to my inner wisdom and taking steps to share all of me. When I’m not doing the daily practices that help me own that self-worth and express those gifts, I fall into an inward and outward battle that results in things not aligning or happening in a manner that feels right. It can be brutal yet obvious when this is happening. Who can relate? But, when I am fully embodied in me, everything begins to work out and align – and I feel alive + turned on.

My expanded awareness of embodying my true Self has also made me reflect on our upcoming “Virtual Speaker Series” call with Ashley Turner, where the topic will be “Embody your Self Worth to Increase your Net Worth.” I’ve been noticing a powerful voice that tells me that fully embodying myself as an ethereal, visionary and creative will bring financial abundance in a more fluid way. I will do the things that I do very best. I will have clear + expansive vision, set powerful intentions, take inspired action, pray, meditate, practice yoga, journal, ask for support, immerse in Nature, take care of myself, collaborate with others, co-create with Spirit and REPEAT. I won’t have to push, I can just be me and the money that’s meant to come will come.

But, here’s the tricky part for me – letting go. Letting go of the desire to push and force the abundance to come. I’ve realized that my mind and ego create a slippery slope that can easily shift me out of alignment and into fear - if I’m not regularly doing the practices that help me release that fear. Discernment is key. That is a completely separate blog. More on that to come...

Food is another tool I use (or disuse) when I’m in the process of letting go and stepping back into my true nature. When I’m holding on to fear and struggling with feeling aligned, I often find myself reaching for foods that provide a quick burst of comfort, but leave me feeling lethargic. On the flip side, when I’m aligned with my true nature, and flowing through life with grace and an attuned intuition, I naturally crave nourishing foods. Dana’s book, The Archetype Diet, has clear and helpful dietary suggestions for the various archetypes – here’s an overview of an eating regime for Ethereals that feels good and has worked so far for me.

  1. Start each morning with a 4-ounce shot of aloe vera juice to help support your digestive system.
  2. For breakfast, have a good-quality carb like warm quinoa with cinnamon and coconut milk or organic eggs on gluten-free toast.
  3. Eat seven ingredients at lunch and dinner: three vegetables, one protein, two fats, and ¾ cups of carbohydrates.
  4. Don’t forget to eat. Make time for your three meals and two snacks each day.
  5. Wind down your evenings with a cup of tea designed for the Ethereal.

My teachers always say that when you’re sharing a message you have to go through it if you’re going to express it authentically. I’m really feeling the truth in that as I weave the teaching of Dana James and Ashley Turner into my life. I’m going deep into the process of transitioning from fear to love in many areas of my life. I am moving more consciously from my head to heart – and recognizing that life isn’t about the external factors. For me, life is ultimately about how I feel inside myself, how I share my gifts with the world, how I settle into a sense of freedom, how I step into my radiance, how my heart, courage and love show up in my life, and how I make a palpable connection with Spirit that supports me to co-create and serve beyond my wildest dreams. From that place, I embody my Self worth and the abundance of radiant health, prosperous finances, aligned friendship, nurturing partnership, divine Motherhood and every other nook and cranny of my human experience. It is a journey. A humbling and joyful process that takes me on a ride each and every day. The affirmation I continue to say in the mirror to myself each day is “I am courageously Authentic, Abundant and Free supporting myself and you with Grace.” Adding to that now “I am free to be me and all of me is pure magnificence.” What are you saying to yourself each day to elevate and embody your Self Worth?

loving you through it all,

p.s. If you're interested experiencing the Live Call with Dana James, you can purchase the recording here. 

p.s.s. If you are curious about our Virtual Speaker Series and want to learn more from the wise + exquisite Ashley Turner on June 20 discussing "Embodying your True Worth to Increase your Net Worth", register here. 

Where do you source your self-worth? Success and achievement? Physical appearance? Giving to others? Your intuition?

Dana James, MS, CNS, CDN, the Expert in our upcoming call for Living Wholly's “Virtual Speaker Series,” has asked this question of the over three thousand women she has supported as a nutritionist, functional medicine practitioner, and cognitive behavioral therapist. She asks this question because she has found a striking trend between a woman’s self-worth and how diligent she is in sticking to her diet and exercise plans. If her perception of her self-worth is out of balance, old behavioral patterns and self-doubt could sabotage her nutritional and fitness efforts.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

The integration of Dana’s work with these women, and her extensive research, led her to identify four archetypes that describe most women, and why they struggle in their relationship with food, and their bodies. The four archetypes include Wonder Woman, Nurturer, Femme Fatale, and Ethereal.

We all have a dominant archetype at our core that can bring out the shadow elements in our life and cause us to engage in behaviors such as using alcohol to unwind (Wonder Woman), comfort eating (Nurturer), constantly dieting (Femme Fatale), or numbing ourselves with food (Ethereal). We also have an overlay archetype that can bring out more of our positive qualities.

To help us determine which archetype we fit into, Dana created a simple and fun quiz to provide the answer. I completed the quiz, and while I identified with certain attributes of all four archetypes, I found that my dominant archetype is Ethereal, while my overlay archetype is Wonder Woman.

So what does this mean? In Dana’s words, the Ethereal is, “Feminine, intuitive, expressive and enchanting. You appear to float through life. Your intuition is your guiding compass. You believe in the harmony of the universe and conflict is very distressing for you.”

The innate sensitivity of the Ethereal can often lead to the behavior of numbing emotions with food, alcohol or drugs, if that sensitivity is not understood. Does this feel accurate? Absolutely. Do I consciously have to make different choices? Yes. 

Dana has also identified that the Ethereal tends to be low in estrogen, have dry skin and hair, and can experience digestive issues when their creative expression is stifled - all challenges that can be remedied if we identify, and learn to work with, the archetype we’re playing out.

The overlay archetype that I identified with was Wonder Woman. Dana defines Wonder Woman as, “Strong, dignified and resilient. What you set your mind to, you get. You are an overachiever and expect the best from yourself (and others). However, as your self-worth is derived from your achievements, you are vulnerable to criticism and perfectionism.”

The Wonder Woman often prioritizes work over most other areas of her life and uses food as a reward, and alcohol as a de-stressor. Women who fit into this archetype may be at risk for imbalanced adrenals and thyroid issues, and tend to store fat in their stomachs. As Dana says, the Wonder Woman’s challenge is to “learn how to embrace your intuition, femininity and feelings.”

And so begins my journey of deconstructing the shadow side of my archetype, and layering in the positive attributes of the other archetypes, to become a more complete woman.

I’m excited about (and a little intimidated by!) this journey because not only do I get to take a deep dive into my relationship with food and my body, but also have the opportunity to peel back the layers of my self-worth and get to know myself on a profoundly intimate level.

Curious about what archetype you fit in to? Want to discover your strengths, vulnerabilities, subconscious behaviors and your rebalancing tools. Take the archetype quiz to identify what resonates most with you and receive some insight on ways to navigate this path of integration.

LAST CALL for our LIVE Zoom call with Dana James this Wednesday, May 23 at 6.00 pm pst. Dana elaborates on the female archetypes and explores the integration of body and mind, science and psychology, so we can experience profound shifts of living wholly. Register and confirm your spot here.

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